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Gentle Reminders is a complimentary service from our companies:

Bernard Callebaut Chocolates
Wright's Send-a-Basket
Razzle Dazzle Cupcakes

It is designed to take away your pressure to remember special birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions – because we remember for you and gently remind you several days in advance of these important moments in your life.  Imagine never forgetting your sweetheart, your kids, parents, in-laws or your staff.  You will always be considered the thoughtful one and the best part is that it's free, with no obligation, ever.



You will receive an annual Gentle Reminder via Email three (3) days before the date you provide us.  In the reminder Email, we include links to our Chocolaterie, our Gift Basket company and our Cupcakes shop.  We take away your stress of remembering.


Simply complete the reminders information below, activate the service (you will receive a confirmation Email after you submit the form below in order to confirm & activate the service) and it begins. You can modify your reminders or opt out of our Gentle Reminders service at any time!


By submitting this information, I give permission for Gentle Reminders to contact me via email as described above. Your information will never be shared with any non-related organization. When you click on the buttons below, the Gentle Reminders sign up form will open in a new window. If you need to enter more than nine (9) reminders, please click on the second button for reminders 10-18 (after you have entered your first nine reminders).